Hey ya'll! :) As my day of relaxation continues, enjoy this snippet from the boys :) It's no longer dreary out, but sunny, blue, and beautiful! I hope my last video made it obvious that keeping young children, especially our active and inquisitive Hebrew children, contained is NOT ideal. They want to move, some constantly. Play dough is one thing I've found that will keep both of my sons still and occupied. We usually play together so everyone's imagination gets a workout :) It's naptime now , for them, not me. I get a few quiet moments to read and study (ALL praises!!)

    I hope ya'll have found a whole lot to be thankful for today, its a beautiful day to be alive!

Cecelia Smith
11/7/2013 04:00:07

I'm so proud of you & the kids. Y'all keep up the good work. Love y'all.


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