Spring time comes every year. For most it's a time of joy and rejoicing. New life, nature is pregnant and full of abundance. For others it can be a time of heartache and pain. Almost daily,I come across women who despair at seeing so much new life being brought forth. They wonder why they "can't" do the same. They cry at the sight of new mothers and their babies. I have been there so I know the hurt of thinking (and being told) that you may never bring your own child into the world. Though there are rare cases of true infertility, many women who THINK they are infertile are not at all. 
    We really take for granted that our wombs hold more than just babies. They're our internal storage area and just about everything we don't face head on is still in there, taking up precious space. We hold emotions, grudges and stress there. Just about ALL of the "feminine health" (and other health) issues we face are actually unprocessed emotions manifesting themselves physically. Add that to the negative words, thoughts and actions we participate in daily and you create a spiritual/physical wasteland. It's not emphasized enough in our "freedom of speech" culture that our words are REAL, LIVING things. When you SAY that you are unable to conceive you create that very thing. Your words, thoughts and the way you see your body may be making "infertility" a reality in your life. So, even if you've gotten a doctor's word on it, understand that YOUR words and what YOU believe matter way more! It's time to do some (early) spring cleaning! :D

It just dawned on me, listening to this song by Chronixx. many of the youths that we ostracize and belittle saying "look at him with his saggy pants" , "thug" this, "guns" that....many of those that we see as dangerous, rebellious and troublesome. That is where the spark may be lit the easiest in Israel. Those sent here specifically to eliminate the wicked amongst us and tear down this system we are oppressed under. It's just a thought...but if we take it to heart it'll help us see more in our young men that gangtas and thugs. More than a toe tag waiting for a body.
Here come trouble, here come de danger. Sent by de Saviour. Welcome de [ISRAEL] youth!"
If there's one thing all babies and mamas despise it's diaper rash. It can come at the worst times and it happens quicker than you can say "butt paste". I have had enough go-rounds with rashy bottoms to know that not all creams are created equal...and neither are all rashes.

I came up with this all natural diaper cream recipe after I read the label on some well known brands and said "oh hell no!" Most of those chemicals I wouldn't put on my own skin, let alone my babies' sensitive skin. So yeah, serious praises to the Creator for giving us a world full of natural healing compounds and such! This cream has  works with everything I've experienced- from chafing to redness to real serious yeasty rashes. I even use it on my own skin for itching, burning, bites, or plain ol' cheapness :)

    Hey ya'll! :) As my day of relaxation continues, enjoy this snippet from the boys :) It's no longer dreary out, but sunny, blue, and beautiful! I hope my last video made it obvious that keeping young children, especially our active and inquisitive Hebrew children, contained is NOT ideal. They want to move, some constantly. Play dough is one thing I've found that will keep both of my sons still and occupied. We usually play together so everyone's imagination gets a workout :) It's naptime now , for them, not me. I get a few quiet moments to read and study (ALL praises!!)

    I hope ya'll have found a whole lot to be thankful for today, its a beautiful day to be alive!

    Beautiful day to you ladies! Blessings and peace to y'all!
    Last night I shared with you the basics of making your home peaceful for your king. Above all, our families need peace. We usually associate 'good' homemaking with having a sparkling clean "Stepford Wife" style living space. We should ALL know that having a house look like a snap from Better Homes and Gardens while raising a family is not realistic. It's great to be able to keep things tidy and teach our children to do the same; but don't be crazy about it! Our children crave a peaceful space to express their childhood and grow into healthy young adults.

I saw this picture posted on a sisters page and my first reaction was a laugh but really it's sad. I know none of ya'll are guilty of such foolishness right??..but really?! It happens all the time! I can't tell you how many times I've seen a woman put their child(ren) on the phone with their father and encourage the child to call him every name but a child of God. Reality Check: YOU had a baby for him! You eff'd up. Stop blaming the men and make better choices!

Here is a great example of parents figuring out what their child loves and building on it! Not to mention a mother and father working together to uplift their children. All around good deal! A lil hump day uplift! Enjoy!
    Good day my sistren. My prayers are with you! :) The babies are fantastic....growing so quickly. If I blink I might miss it! I'm sure all of you can imagine how busy...beyond busy... things can get being a work at home mom! That being said, I felt I needed to share some challenges I have been having. Specific to this post are the physical changes I have been going through and how we are handling them. I know I am not alone when I say, my body will never be the same! Most of my post-natal changes have been good ones. This is not a post to complain about how my boys have changed the landscape but rather to face and embrace the differences. While the new 'swervs and curves' are highly appreciated by Mr. Husband; the new eeks, and squeaks are beyond his scope of experience. He does his best to understand and relate though, and I couldn't ask for more. ;)
    Like many new school sisters I know, I did not take the proper time to rest after our birth. I had no doctors orders, no meds to take home... We have been raised to believe that we must be super women. Cook, clean, birth babies and stay sweet and attractive while doing it all. Like most, I was in the fairy tale land of "Wonder Mother" after our unassisted homebirth of BB #2. I thought I had it made! Pushed him out and got all cleaned up in time to prepare lunch and paint with the 2 year old. And this was only th beginning! I followed up with busy days and nights, staying occupied..."getting it done". I thought that by keeping the law of 40 days with my husband, I was giving my body a rest. I rarely laid down, and I wore a rapidly growing baby boy everywhere I went. I was literally in the grocery store w/ a baby strapped to my chest 2 weeks post partum. After this kind of behavior with TWO BB's in as many years, you can imagine the strain my womb is feeling! 
...Now that I got that out :)....
    I am now taking the time to heal... Learn from my mistakes ladies, NEVER, EVER take for granted the time our bodies need to heal. My elders all told me to sit for a while, keep something on my feet, rest myself....but I had too much to "do". Looking back it all could've waited. I am not in serious turmoil in my body, simple aches that can be nursed. But it could be worse. It took a little persuading to get the Head to agree with a short "break" but he's happy I'm taking some time for me too. So, I've decided on a 6-week cleanse. I have also decided that, for now, this site will be my "work" so that I can sit and be productive. Here is a relaxing, restorative, womb health tea recipe I have been using for the past week with some beautiful results.

He has arrived! 6/28/12.. our second sun made his grand entrance!
His birth was..an intense experience. Not in the dramatic sense of the word but spiritually invigorating, physically and mentally demanding and emotionally empowering!
Throughout our pregnancy, and even now, the words 'home birth' and 'no midwife' got MANY reactions. From super brave to 'out of my mind', I've heard it all. We both understood how unwavering faith could seem both brave and crazy to some people. So we stuck to our plan, never considered backing out or letting fear change our minds. Watching our love and faith grow and change has been an experience in its own rite. So anywho...We'd just ended a wonderful barbeque dinner with my family. Apparently I was already in labor throughout the evening and didnt realize it. My uncle kept warning me that I would laugh the baby out and that was fine with me....but no such luck. The house cleared out around 10pm..we were in bed by 11...and I couldnt get to sleep for the life of me. I felt like a ball of energy, which I now know was a spiritual signal the birth was imminent. I got out of bed so I wouldnt disturb and swept the front of the house. I found myself having to pee every 1-2 minutes...nothing new to a pregnant woman. Well wouldn't you know, my waters started to flow..not a 'breaking' or burst as i'd expect....a constant "trickle". It was about midnight. I let the king know and jumped right up, to which I said "ummm sir, you have to be to work at 4 am, get your rest, we have time!" He laughed but laid back down as I proceeded to clean the house. My mom had told me a 'sesame seed sweep' would clear the energy in the house so I tried it. Our house is pretty positive most times so I cant tell if it worked or not but I was able to get to sleep afterward. I woke up again at 3 am to fix breakfast and eat a lil something. After getting back in bed and into a deep sleep, I was awakened at around 7:30 by a heavy contraction...my first one. At the same time, our 2 year old decided it was time to start his day. I sat him down with his breakfast and PBS and did some last minute cleaning. I ran a hot tub of water betqeen contractions, they were about 7 minutes apart and getting heavier every time. At about 4-5 minutes apart I sat in the tub...sweet relief! Of course, the toddler wanted to join me, so until I couldnt bear the extra energy, we sat and labored together. Becoming uncomfortably hot is not hard to do in the middle of a New Orleans summer so our water labor only lasted about 10-15 minutes. We got out, got dressed and called daddy. I was now doubled over with the intense squeezing feeling about every 2-3 minutes. Time is definitely relative during labor and childbirth! At about 8:45 we were all laboring together. We gave our big boy (2 y/o) free reign of the front of the house while we labored in the back. He was still an active participant though, moaning and groaning in unison with mommy! It's funny now looking back. I'd set up lots of herbs and incense, essential oils..the whole nine...when the moment came, all I could think of was my body, my babies, and the greatest man in the WORLD telling me I could do it every time I swore I couldnt.....and that I did. I remember saying repeatedly "I cant do this", and wondering if I was dying. I prayed SO much! My spirit I could hear clear in those moments saying "Fear NOT, for the Lord, YOUR God is with you", that was the most comforting thing I've ever experienced. I can say now, having a good man to support me through birth was the greatest tangible gift I could've imagined. Having strong faith that we would get through it was beyond words. When I got to the point of "no return" a small voice said "reach down"...and there it was. I felt his head about to crown. As my king ran to get my 100th cup water, his head crowned...I ROARED....and then I saw his face. Those first moments were magic. Just me and baby. Seconds, or minutes later, my body pushed and he was fully present! I cant read minds but I can guess that a man bringing his child into the world with his own hands is life altering, to say the least. :) Our whole little family stood in the bathroom and marvelled. We had done it! I had done it! As intense as it was, I wouldn't go any other route. After the memory of pains fades out, all that's left is the absolute beauty of the experience. B
    Beautiful day mommies!! :)
    A question I get often in doing the UP/UC thing (unassisted pregnancy and birth) is what do I do about prenatal care?? My first thought always goes back to the prenatal 'care' I recieved during my first pregnancy. Every doctor visit I couldn't help but feel that I'd wasted a day to have someone give me a basic checkup I could've given myself. While the doctors and nurses were kind and answered the few questions that came up in a polite manner, it was nothing I couldnt have googled. This time around I decided to trust my bodies rhythm. Always making sure I'm intune with what I'm feeling physically, the baby's behavior, and my emotional state has made my care during this pregnancy feel more like CARE. I've always believed no one knows you and your body like you do. No one can care for a person better than they can themselves when they're paying attention. Granted, there are cases when medical intervention is life-saving and necessary, but in normal circumstances, we have all that we need to keep ourselves, and our offspring, in optimum health.