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    A question I get often in doing the UP/UC thing (unassisted pregnancy and birth) is what do I do about prenatal care?? My first thought always goes back to the prenatal 'care' I recieved during my first pregnancy. Every doctor visit I couldn't help but feel that I'd wasted a day to have someone give me a basic checkup I could've given myself. While the doctors and nurses were kind and answered the few questions that came up in a polite manner, it was nothing I couldnt have googled. This time around I decided to trust my bodies rhythm. Always making sure I'm intune with what I'm feeling physically, the baby's behavior, and my emotional state has made my care during this pregnancy feel more like CARE. I've always believed no one knows you and your body like you do. No one can care for a person better than they can themselves when they're paying attention. Granted, there are cases when medical intervention is life-saving and necessary, but in normal circumstances, we have all that we need to keep ourselves, and our offspring, in optimum health.
    I've made a practice of paying attention. Also, it's very important to educate yourself on what syptoms to look out for. In my first trimester I found myself craving ice constantly. Pica is a condition many pregnant women encounter, a craving for non-food items....cornstarch, ice, clay, etc. I also knew that craving ice was a sign of anemia and low iron. After my confirmation of pregnancy appointment at the local women's center I started taking One-a-day prenatals. Big mistake! First, they're fully synthetic vitamins and not easily absorbed into the system, they were also not meeting my iron requirements. I switched to food-based prenatals and ate more green, leafy vegetables...kale, spinach, arugula, collards, etc. Immediately I noticed a difference. When constipation reared its ugly head during the second trimester, I drastically increased my water and fresh juice intake. I made smoothies every morning for breakfast, adding ground flax seeds (available in your local walmart's vitamin aisle) to salads, smoothies, and home-baked whole wheat bread. Also I eliminated bleached flour, white rice, and most refined sugars from my diet. Again noticing a change in a matter of days. The MOST important thing about caring for these bodies we've been given is to PAY ATTENTION to them. Your body is always telling you what it needs. Now that birth is imminent I'm preparing my herbal medicine cabinet. Stocking up on all the things we'll need to successfully labor and deliver, as well as providing postpartum support. I've been drinking red raspberry leaf teas and infusions as well as nettle infusion throughout to provide uterine support and a great vitamin/mineral boost. I'm available to share recipes, herbal preparation instructions, and any other information I may have, just reach out. I can be emailed at nspiyahd.adiraATgmailDOTcom
Love& Be Light Sisters!!

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