Real "Love" is rarely found today. Most marriages are publicity stunts, business deals or over before they begin. But every now and then you see one that seems like it'll work; and while I generally don't pay any mind to what the celebs are doing, I kinda had high hopes for Boobie and Keyshia. It seemed real, and I'm pretty good at reading folks. Nevertheless, everyone makes mistakes, and most times, it's left up to US, ladies, to decide if a mistake is forgivable or the last nail in the coffin. 

Hubz is 29 years STRONG today y'all!! &Though it's freezing freakin' cold, it's still a beautiful day inside our house! (and warm too :)
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How many times have you seen those memes saying that guys want a 'girl' that's like their boys. Can you relate? I can. Back when I didn't know anything better than being a girlfriend I thought that was the ideal situation. Being 'that chick' that he could play video games, watch sports and wear J's with. I mean, what guy didn't want a girl that he could chill with like his boys? Right? Wrong!!

    Too often we spend energy trying to become what we think a guy wants. Too often the females of our generation aren't taught what it is to be a woman to a man. Outside of TV very few lessons are given on womanhood so we don't have many models to follow. An important thing to remember is that a MAN does not want to a woman to be like his "boys" because he is no longer a boy. So if you run across one who is still looking to engage in boydom, head for the hills!

"We" time for us has to be created. It's not often that we have dates or time alone away from the children. One of the ways we make some quality 'us' time is with music. There's nothing like laying in your other's arms, enjoying the peace and massaging your minds with some good soul music. Our playlist for the night has gone from Sarah Vaughan to Ms. Holiday.... we're closing the night out with the incomparable Otis Redding... eNjoy!
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    What is it about some women that makes them irresistible to their men? Is it their looks? their good soul food? or their good love? That might get him, but it's her style that keeps him! It's her happy acceptance of who and what she is and her ability to play it all the way up, to her (and his) benefit. It's the way she loves his children, his family, his friends, and his flaws. It's the way she represents him as a Woman, the perfect balance to his Manhood.

 : a distinctive manner of expression (as in writing or speech)
b : a distinctive manner or custom of behaving or conducting oneself 
; also : 
a particular mode of living <in high
c : a particular manner or TECHNIQUE by which something is done, created, or performed.

Grace :
a :  a charming or attractive trait or
b :  a pleasing appearance or effect   
c :  ease and suppleness of movement or bearing

If you're following me on FB, I'm sure you're tired of my anniversary posts by
now....but SO WHAT?! LOL!! It's been one heck of a year for us and the fact that
we made it through is reason enough to rejoice and be glad! Our challenges have
been many and close together. At times we felt like we'd break, individually,
but combining our strengths with the guidance and protection of the Most High,
we're here to tell about it!

    One time for all my domestic divas out there! Isn't it lovely?  ...but Truth be told, if you're anything like me, it wasn't always that way. Trust me when I tell you, before I had a family, my life and my space were a MESS! I literally owned over 80 pairs of shoes at on point...and not one closet !! So when I speak about homemaking, I'm speaking from the experience of turning a disorganized LIFE into a clean and comfortable space for my family to live and grow. 

This cake HAS to be in The Mrs. section because my husband is absolutely addicted to it! One taste, if you bake it right, and I'm sure yours will be too! For my sistas that are still 'in waiting', keep this cake in your repertoire. Trust me, when your king arrives, touching his heart through his belly, and taste buds, will help make his arrival a permanent stay!

 " Problems with erectile dysfunction? Louisiana blah blah Research Center may have the answer for YOU" ...this is what I just heard on the radio dear family... 0.o...Right! If only our men knew...but then again ladies, if WE don't know how can they? I'll tell you from everyday experience with a "Man's Man", researching natural healing options is NOT the first thing on their to-do list. It's not even #10! They're far too busy 'fixing' things. I can also tell you, there are natural methods that do WORK to help heal our men. Of course the methods of natural healing extend to us too but that's a separate post entirely. So, what are these 'herbal' helpers for everyday issues our kings face?
Read on to find out...

We're all on this journey, just at different pit stops
     A beautiful thing about this journey of life is that we all can experience it differently. How sweet it is when we're blessed to join with that perfect 'other' to walk this path with us. I think it's safe to assume that we all have a 'type'. We've all had a checklist at some point of what we will or won't 'do'; but does your do's and don'ts list extend past the physical of a person. Should a person's appearance, style, or lack thereof determine whether they are worthy of being loved...by you? I shared an article on FB today highlighting how black women are embracing their naturalness again while weaves, perms, and wigs are getting played out. A brother commented that a sister with a weave, in his book, was finished before the conversation even started. This made me wonder, how often do we miss out on love, real love, by being blind to a person's inner beauty. Do men and women in the 'conscious' community fall victim, just as easily, to the "blacker than thou" mentality?