Make use of the talent God gave you for His glory, then you will be rewarded. Peace and Prosperity! :)
To forgive someone who has hurt you is one of the most powerful acts of love you can participate in. We are constantly told by preachers and teachers of every religion, color and creed that forgiveness is the one quality that brings us closest to God. We are reminded to turn the other cheek when we feel slighted, to love our enemies and forgive our brothers 70x7. These are all true statements. It is amazingly liberating to truly forgive a person who has hurt you. Forgiveness gives you the freedom to move past the pain and bless a situation. When we forgive, fully, we get to appreciate the real reason behind the bad feelings...we get to the lesson. Forgiveness helps us no longer see things as happening TO us but happening FOR us. And that truly makes all the difference. These are all the benefits of forgiving others, but what about forgiving ourselves? Do we really need to forgive ourselves? I would definitely say that to move forward and create the life, relationship, family- just about anything you want- YES, you have to first remember your responsibility to yourself and then forgive yourself for ever forgetting.

Care of our hands and feet is so essential ladies. They do so many things for us, it's only right that we stop and show our bodies some appreciation. A hand or foot massage is an easy way to provide our bodies with the TLC they need and it can be done almost anywhere. Whether you're at home with the children or at work all day, utilize your spare moments to put yourself on the 'front burner'.

Our hands and feet are full of pressure points. Gentle stimulation of these points helps our bodies realign and heal. There's many cases of disease that have been treated, prevented and cured this way. So many, in fact, that there are schools, books ,even conventions dedicated to the study and practice of hand and foot reflexology.

So find a few moments when you're at your desk, while the children eat lunch, or whenever you can to treat yourself nice. ;)

Me time is almost taboo in the land of Motherhood. We are always 'needed' for one thing or another. I'm learning more and more how necessary it really is to MAKE time for self care and a little bit of pampering.  I made a pact with myself to get back to the regimen I held before my time was split four ways. In a very while, things have really improved. It seems like the more time I spend caring for me, the more time I have to care for everyone else. The more I love up on Me, the more love I feel for others and the more they give back to me! I no longer feel like I'm giving all of myself but my family feels like they're getting more of me. It really is an amazing thing. Now, this isn't to say that I have just dropped everything and made space for only me. My responsibilities haven't changed but I've changed the way I manage my time. I find 5-10 minute 'snatches' of time and capitalize on them.

Of course I bless the days when I have the resources to spare to have a spa day; but I also appreciate the care that I can give myself at home. So when I was in the Indian market a few months back and came across a bottle of rosewater I got kinda excited. I knew it had to be great for baths at least so I brought some home. It turns out its a top notch cleanser and toner. Its great for sunburn, acne and skin regeneration and it's even rumored that Cleopatra washed her face with it. (A serious STEAL at about $2-3 a bottle!) So yeah, I've been using it ever since, especially in facials and baths. It's so calming, and when paired with lavender it's an unbelievably relaxing experience. Give yourself one of these five minute facials when you need a "calming pick-me-up" during the day, you won't be disappointed!

I have been spending so much time lately tending to every other business but MINE! I know I'm not alone there. The word "mom" should come with a cape and tights!

 I've been working on building a website for my husbands grilling business, creating activities for homeschool, tending to my elders, the garden...all kinds of stuff. I've even been making items for the shop....but not posting them IN the shop. What sense that makes...I do not know! LOL! But today, I was serious when I said, "come hell or high water, I'm getting my things in shop" and I did it! It was only by the grace of God cuz I had all the usual chaos of two toddlers and a puggle happening. [Whew!] I got it done though.....My house looks like Hiroshima, but my goal was accomplished!

Make sure to visit and favorite the shop (follow the link below) to keep up with all the new additions. I have more in the works now and I PROMISE myself they'll be posted within the next two weeks. I'm learning daily that balancing family, work, and play is a constant juggling act and the more you do it, the more proficient and efficient you become.

Have a blessed and fruitful day family!!

Aunt Flo comes to visit us all ladies and many times she's not very pleasant. Some of us see our cycles as a nuisance, I used to feel that way. Like, "Isnt there some other way to notify me that I'm baby-free this month?" But no, there isn't. Our divine Creator in His infinite intelligence chose the flow. So here we are. Given a week out of the moth to rest, relax, and cleanse yet many of us don't take advantage of this time. We ignore our bodies tired, weak state and press forward. The demands of modern society don't make any exceptions for the differences in gender and because of that, we have come to neglect the care of those differences.

    Our monthly cleansing, in most cultures, is respected and viewed as a blessing. In many ways it is. We, women, are assumed to have longer life spans because our blood is purified continuously. However, if we are living an impure life throughout the month, purification can be a pain to say the least. Though I tend to keep a healthy diet, I slip up (like the first day of Dedication, I WENT IN). I see my cycle as a time to reset and renew what I may have damaged during the month. 
    The symptoms we face due to the enormous loss of nutrients, vitality and energy can be eased by taking it light and easy during your week, eating light and nutrient-rich foods, and oddly enough, limiting our time using computers and cell phones. (Who knew?) Because I'm working, moving and shaking so much I am learning to take this time to just chill out and let my body rest and recharge. The elders I know have been telling me for years, never drink ice-cold drinks and "keep something on my feet" during my cycle and over the years I've learned to take heed. One of the best things I've found to help keep me balanced is fresh coconut water. You can buy it packaged as well but the quality and taste of fresh is unmatched! It keeps your nutrients balanced and it's just cold enough to quench without being ICE cold. Also, soup is an easy and delicious meal that the whole family can enjoy during your down time. It's a cinch to prepare, doesn't require much standing in front of the stove and you can make a big enough pot to last at least a few days.
    This is a quick one to help those of us with 'normal' cycles feel a little more normal during them. I will post a more lengthy article on irregular, painful, and otherwise obstructed cycles when it's OK for me to spend more time at the computer lol :). Until then....

Love and Peace to all my sisters!

I'm moving forward focused and consistently
This promise I've made has been here before me, I now know my responsibility. I give thanks for those who've chosen to walk with me....

I've come bearing gifts, family...thank you for helping me to unwrap them.
- #BlessBlessedBlessing
I've been saying it and saying it and I don't like to lie, especially not to myself. :) This is yet another brick in the AmiriYahya Empire :). We are both branching out and incorporating lifelong goals into this family life dynamic. Living Nspiyahd, one day at a time...building this empire one brick at a time. Thanks for building with us fam.ily :)
AyeAyeAye Mommies! If you know like I know, those 2-4 pm hours can be an energy buzzKILL! In my house, that's when the kids tend to be waking from naptime. Cranky, hungry and on edge. After getting them down for naps, cleaning the house, preparing lunch, and squeezing in some crafting/writing/concocting I am ALWAYS tired!
Alas my dear sisters...I have found a remedy!! One that works WONDERS for me atleast.

      Greetings my beloved sistren! My hope is that your days are going along miraculously. :)
     So, last week I shared that I've started a 6 week 'womb cleanse'. This is week 2. I've been keeping my feet up as much as possible...for a housewife with 2 babies, an energetic puppy- and "that house" on the block where all the kids gather. Needless to say, taking time out to heal mySELF is easier said than done. I know all my busy 'mamas' can relate! 
     That being said, spending some time healing ourselves is essential if we want to continue to heal our families. More important, if we want to heal our NATION. Not to say that we are the cause of the problems in our community, but we do share in responsibility. It is hard to believe but miraculous to see the way a healing Womb-man can bring the best and most beautiful love out of some of the 'hardest' brothas; and grow 'goodness' in some of the most hard-headed youths. Needless to say, the healing we must go through has to be from the inside out. All the herbs, and healthy diets will mean nothing if we neglect to address the mental and spiritual roots of our issues as women, right? In the past I would see sisters in my neighborhood, in the grocery store, salon, etc....ANGRY, I mean angry as HELL! & I always wondered, "what is HER problem"?! Not realizing that the lip poked out, eyes rolling, cussin and fussin attitude was not only 'her' problem, but mine too! See, I had the external appearance of a well put together young woman. I ate well, spoke well, and appeared happy and 'positive'. But internally, WHOO! I was a reflection of the anger, hurt, and frustration I saw on my sisters' faces. When I realized this, the emphasis switched to the "WHAT" of it all. On the surface we can say "oh nothing" we've got our own homes, cars, 'equality'. But when you really look at it, what has that equality given us? Less men in the household, rebellious children, annoying bosses...I could go on forever. Hardly an even trade! I'm not saying we all should be barefoot in the kitchen, but alot more of us were happier being Suzy homemaker than being Madam CEO. We could let our men be men, our children be children, and we could focus on being WOMEN..strong, powerful WOMEN! We birthed, educated, healed and raised nations of kings, queens, warriors, and leaders. Now THAT, ladies, is super power! There is no place greater for a woman than standing firm in her full power. This is not to say that you can't be powerful in an office...but imagine that power multiplied and added to your OWN! 
This internal healing can be likened to the changing of a butterfly...the old us enters the 'cocoon'. A period of incubation, 'me-time', if you will. Not a week away from a toxic relationship, or ladies night with the girls. This time is different. It's a time of asking "why?". Not "why did he..?" or "why would she..?", but "why do I..?". But before we ask why we must admit "that". "That" there is an issue or many issues and (once we've crossed de-Nile), accept full responsibility for whatever is found out. This is difficult at first, because we all want to believe that our problems are caused by others. We seldom admit our own roles in causing our own misery. See, we all have that one friend with the worst man problems and we all ask, "why can't she just let him go?"...We all understand that SHE holds the key to ending her misery. He would not be a problem, if She would not hold on. Well sis, You are Her and the Issue is Him! Once we get that part, it becomes easy. Clarity is found and solutions flow freely! It's uncomfortable, self correction always is, metamorphosis is never pleasant...but we'd have no flowers, and we'd have no butterflies if the problem of getting through the dirt was never solved. And let me tell you...there is nothing that feels better than finally SOLVING those problems. It's like dropping a thousand pound weight. Not only will you feel better spiritually, you will begin to heal physically and even LOOK better! Nothing's more attractive than a baggage-free woman! (note: our children are NOT baggage!)
     So ladies, let's get about the business of healing ourselves. Of digging up all the old, rotten roots and planting new, living things inside ourselves. Let's create space within ourselves to laugh, cry, create, express(in healthy ways), and flourish. Our only obstacle is  Old Ms. Nega-Diva that lives inside all of us. You know, home-girl who's answer to everything is "OH NO SHE/HE DIDN'T"...we gotta shut her up, or she WILL have us stuck out!

Many Blessings.