Hi mommies! This post is especially for my creative DIY mommies. I've recently embarked on the journey of sewing my own cloth diapers. Gone are the days of old sheets, pins, and rubber pants.. and anyone who's seen the prices of these fancy new cloth diapers understands my plight! :) When you calculate the environmental AND economical havoc being wreaked by disposable diapers, cloth becomes the sensible option (if your not scared of cleaning them of course). I didnt have the resources or time to do this with my 2 y/o, but with my new position as permanent WAHM&W (work at home mom&wife), I have plenty of both. For this project I raided my husbands packed dresser and closet for old t-shirts. Once you get your pattern, style, and skills down pat moving on to better fabrics is recommended. I started by drafting my own pattern from a disposable diaper my little one fits well. He's potty training so I figure now is a good time to switch him to cloth. He's a bit skin-ty for the 2T trainers on the market....and my are they high! (I'll be sewing those too!) For my bun still baking, I'm using a newborn sized pattern from http://www.clothrevolution.wordpress.com but there are many free and for-pay patterns for all the different styles...so find what works for you and your little ones and have FUN! So far I've done a pocket style, a psuedo-AIO, and a psuedo-AI2. I say "psuedo" because I havent added a waterproof layer to either so they still "technically" need covers. Here's my progress:
upcycled hubby's old t-shirts! re-source-FULL! :)