I recently read a post that asked if women should be allowed on the frontlines in war. An even deeper ponderance would be should women be allowed in militaries at all. Not to say that we are not strong enough to fight; any black woman worth her salt has done her share of fighting. Whether it be physical, spiritual, emotional or otherwise. However, in my opinion, war is not meant for women. We are emotional creatures by nature. Though some of us choose to supress our essence, killing is not natural to Womb-man, we are life bearers. Historically, wars have been fought to PROTECT women and children. In eastern cultures, when visitors entered a city, the women and children were never seen. The visitor was kept in the company of the men aka the protectors. They were thoroughly examined before being introduced into the fold. Even in wartime, the fighting happened a far distance from the village/city where the women and children were kept and protected by those men who were unable or unwilling to go to the frontlines. 
    So what has happened? Most black women now feel severely UNDER-protected by black men, despite the large number of black males on the frontlines in our wars. Black babies and children are molested and manipulated at an alarming rate. Do women now feel that we must protect ourselves by sacrificing what little safety our children are provided in our care. It would be foolish to believe that female soldiers ALL have their children with them at their stations. So then, who protects the babies? What is the psychological efefct of a child growing up with the fear that their parent(s) may never return? Is it really worth it? What exactly are we fighting for ladies?
     In our struggle to be equal with men, to show that we are as strong as a man and capable of "doing what he can do, better", we have neglected the truth of ourselves. It is shocking, to me, that many women would willingly lay down their lives to the barrel of a gun but will not birth children without being completely numbed from the waist down. It seems we have traded our true strength for a cheap imitation. For a westernized idea of what womanhood should be. Well I know for sure, a bullet cannot prove to me I am strong the way pushing out a baby naturally can. Standing in the ranks with men cannot validate me more than standing up to a system that tries to degrade the essence of my woman-ness. Shedding the blood of innocents cannot compare to bringing forth new life, in my book. There is no strength greater for a woman than that which she has been blessed with from Supreme Existence.
Blessings and More Peace to us all


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