Greetings sisters!
    The views represented in this video say the least. Let me first say I'm not in total agreement with all his points but his monologue does raise some interesting questions. It's troubling that these issues are not being raised amongst US as women. Where is the love amongst us? I'm sure we've all experienced (and maybe even perpetrated) the catiness that prevails when we are in each others presence. It seems there is an underlying sense of competition...anxiety...jealousy?
     There was a time in our history when women reared children, cultivated land, gathered food...together. We were each others support system. While our men were away providing, they trusted that we were harmoniously tending to the needs of our family/village/nation. Where has that unity gone? Is our relationship with our fellow sisters, and our thought patterns toward sisterhood a reflection of how we feel about ourselves? How does this rift affect our relationships with our men, our daughters & sons...or (dare I ask..)  the women of other nations?? 
    This one is strictly about US ladies...a penny for your thoughts?

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