Greetings my beautiful sistas! Today welcomes another episode of Tell-It-Like-It-Is Tuesday. I had a convo with a sis a few days ago and it's been on my mind ever since. We talked about the level of covetousness these 'reality' shows bring out. Even in real life, we see sistas who seem to have it all, the 'Perfect' husband, children, car, and home. We see women who are afforded luxuries we think we deserve. We compare ourselves to these women and wonder "what is she doing that I'm not". Too often we don't take the time to 'count the costs' as the old folks say. We never wonder what we'd be willing to give in return for all those luxuries and pretty things. What did she give? This is not to say that every fabulous life comes with a dire price tag; but you'd be surprised to know that, more often than not, it does.